segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010


MANHUNT by Janet Evanovich, 2005

According to your author, Janet Evanovich, that's a “short romance novel” published between the years 1988 and 1992. This novels is one of the nine story written by Evanovich.

Manhunt is resumed by the author through a text before the novel, as a “letter”, a pink letter, where she introduce to the reader who is who in the novel but she did not mention the name of the character just say that she is a “young woman who” change the “glam career for a rustic log cabin”.

After the pink letter, the author write another pretext with the title “One of the reasons I came to Alaska was to find a husband” and rewrite a part of the novel, to anticipate to the reader the atmosphere of the novel.

“You don’t have to look so alarmed. You’re not my type”, Alex told him.
“What’s wrong with me?”
“You’re much too handsome. And you’re rich. I want someone plain. Someone a little boring”
Casey didn’t want to marry her either, but he didn’t like being rejected. “I refuse to give up my money, but I could try to be boring”
“I didn’t so”
“Why do you want someone boring?”
“Not exactly boring, more like stable. Someone with roots. Someone with common sense. Someone who’s good at being contented. Someone with plain brown hair.”
“Someone who has all the qualities you lack?”
Yeah. How did you know that?”
“You’re obviously as crazy as a coot.”
Casey pushed her out of the cabin.”

This fragment appears before the prologue. It’s a strategy to keep the reader in permanent contact with the novel. The same happens at the final of the novel when other novel of the author is introduced to the reader to continue the reading.

The young woman is Alexandra Scott, or simply Alex, an executive who works hardly every day. Her work-life description is scared, and invites the reader to agree with her to move this situation changing the place. So, Alex combines with her colleague, Harry, to change her life, moving herself to Alaska, specifically to the friend house, a cabin in the high mountain. Harry is Alex’s friend who lent not only the cabin but also a store. It’s interesting because there is an autobiography element in the text because the author needs to move to Alaska with her husband and sons. Her husband was moved to teach there.

Well, the story is very easy. It’s about a young woman, around thirty, worried with the possibility never get married and have children because she spent the most part of her life working and now she wants to stop and looking for a man to get married. The protagonist is very clear about her proposal: she wants to find in Alaska a husband. She is going to use all her abilities as a leader or experience in a jungle-urban-competitive life to find a husband. Alex has a rotweiller called Bruno